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Песня Mobile, исполняет Avril Lavigne.

Дата: 2015-03-29

Произведение: Mobile

Продолжительность музыки: 03:29

Текст песни просмотрели: 555

Музыкант: Avril Lavigne

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Went back home again
This sucks gotta pack up and leave again
Say goodbye to all my friends
Can't say when I'll be there again

It's time now to turn around
Turn my back on everything

Everything's changing
When I turn around
All out of my control
I'm a mobile

Start back at this life
Stetch myself back into the vibe
I'm waking to say I've tried
Instead of waking up to another TV Guide

It's time now to turn around
Turn and walk on this crazy ground

Everything's changing
Out of what to know
Everywhere I go
I'm a mobile

Hanging from the ceiling
Life's a mobile
Spining around with mixed feelings
Crazy and wild
Sometimes I want to scream outloud

Everything's changing
Everywere I go
Out of what I know

La la la la la la- la l'la

Avril Lavigne - Mobile (Official Unreleased Music Video 2002)
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