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Песня Baby's Home, исполняет Barry White.

Дата: 2015-02-24

Произведение: Baby's Home

Продолжительность музыки: 08:19

Текст песни просмотрели: 557

Музыкант: Barry White

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Hey baby, it's so good to, to just stand here, look at you
So many things are so different without you
Because there are so, so many things so right about you
Never again, baby, ever again

And I love the way you feel in my arms
Baby, no one else has ever felt like this

I've been away too long, my love
Your kiss tells me it's true
The need for you is strong my love
And I know just what to do

So just lay back and close your eyes
I wanna work this thing
Girl, I really wanna put this thing on you
You know that I can unlove to satisfy
You feel alright before this night is through

Baby's home to give you all the love you need, girl
Baby's home, don't it feel good to you like it is to me?
Baby's home, put your arms around me tight
And let me give you all that we missed

Baby's home, just stay, yeah
Baby's home, to stay
And I'm home, yes
Home to stay, yes

Did I hear you say, my love
Your night's been long and cold?
Your baby's going to make it right
Relax, I'll take control

So come here, lay beside me, girl, we got a lot of making up
I said we got a lot of catching up to do
I'll be the flame burning inside you, girl
And make no mistake, your dreams I'll make come true

Baby's home to give you all the love you need
Baby's home it's good to you and it's good to me
Baby's home, wrap your arms around me tight
And let me give you all that we missed

Baby's home, this is what I missed so much
Baby's home, and this time, baby, there's no more leaving
Baby's home, I'm gonna work much, much, harder
Much harder than before for you and me

Baby's home, baby's home
Baby's home
Give you all the love you need

Baby's home
Oh, this feels so good, so good
Just wanna work this thing
Baby, I just wanna put this thing, yes
Oh babe, oh, oh babe

Baby's home, yes
Oh, oh, baby, baby, baby
Baby's home, baby
Baby's home

Oh yeah, you
Oh baby, oh babe
Oh baby

I love the way you Incomprehensible
I love the way this feels good
Let me put this thing
Baby, put this thing over you

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby
Yeah baby, oh baby
Show you right

Barry White-Baby`s Home (with Lyrics)
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